Holiday Auction

Hi, BSC Blog readers!

I posted about this elsewhere, but I wanted to let you guys know that I'm holding a giant ART AUCTION on a bunch of BSC Original Art! Stuff like book covers, unpublished pieces, personal drawings of the characters, and pages I've never made available till now. Prices start at $30. The auction goes until Saturday evening, and I can ship everything in time for the holidays.

(I'm still selling $30 MYSTERY PAGES too--details are on my website!)

A nice Claudia review!

I'm not sure why I didn't read this before (Google Alerts, you have failed me!) but here is a very amazing review of CaMJ, courtesy of comics reviewer Greg McElhatton, who is also a friend of mine. Don't think that he's biased, though! Greg tells it like he sees it!

I just wrapped up production of my next book, SMILE, and I threw in a couple of BSC Easter Eggs just for you guys. :)

Signing & Book release party, this weekend!

On Sunday, November 9, from 4-6 PM, I'll be having a book release party and signing at my favorite Brooklyn comic book store, Rocketship!

I'm celebrating the release of my new BSC graphic novel, Claudia and Mean Janine. Signing with me will be my husband Dave, signing his graphic novel, The Adventures of Tymm: Alien Circus, and our good friend Matt, signing his newest Salt Water Taffy graphic novel, A Climb Up Mt. Barnabas.

This is an all-ages event, so bring your kids and yourself, have some free cookies and ice cream, and get your books signed! It's a great opportunity to pick up some early, personalized holiday gifts for the special young people in your life.

Also, there is a nifty interview I did up on Rocketship's site. I talk about adapting BSC, some of the challenges and anecdotes from the past four years of working on this project--and I also talk about my next projects! Check it out! :D

BSC4--in stores!

I stopped by the B&N on East 86th Street in Manhattan--and check out what I found!

Some of NYC's B&Ns have been creating 'comics and manga' sections within the childrens book section. Some also shelve these in 'Favorite Series' or similar.

So, this is to say that the book is OUT and you can probably find it! It's also shipping through Amazon. So exciting!

I have also heard it is in Chapters and Indigo stores in the Toronto area, too. Let me know if you've spotted it somewhere else!

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Hi Lili Hi Lo!


Recently, I was asked by my friend Michelle and her daughter Lili if I would design a very special t-shirt for them.

Lili has Type 1 diabetes, and discovered the BSC graphic novels last year. When she found that Stacey is also a Type 1 diabetic, she immediately identified with the character and began telling her friends to read the books, as well! Stacey became her personal hero and role model.

Lili has been chosen to be a Walk Ambassador in the Walk to Cure Diabetes on September 28th in Portland Oregon, to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The t-shirt pictured above is going to be worn by Lili's whole team of walkers! She'll also be speaking at events and to the media about living with diabetes. I'm very excited for her!

I'm amazed that even 20 years after Stacey's story was written by Ann M. Martin, it still resonates clearly with young people living with the disease today. And of course, I'm very honored to play a small role in helping put the story into more kids' hands.

Good luck, Lili! I'll be cheering for you.

Comps are here!!

I'm so excited: A comp copy of the 4th BSC Graphic Novel, Claudia and Mean Janine, showed up in the mail today!!


And, I'm delighted to report that it looks PERFECT--I tried a lot of different things in this volume, and everything printed just as it was supposed to. Double-page spreads, full-page bleeds, some of Claudia's "art," and a whole section in the back about how I create the books, from start to finish!

I'm really proud of this book, and of the series in general. I think I've grown a lot as an artist and as a cartoonist over the four years I've been working on this project, and I've got around 700 pages of material to show for it. I've had a ton of encouragement and support along the way, and a huge thanks is due to my family, friends, and fans for cheering me on!



The in-store date is November 1, but I expect copies to appear in stores a little sooner. Maybe mid-September to early October? I will definitely have some copies for sale at SPX, October 4 and 5, if you'll be at that show! And I'm planning a book release party on Sunday, November 9 from 4-6 PM at Rocketship in Brooklyn--I'll have more info about these events as the dates draw closer.

This will be the last book in the BSC Graphix series, sadly. But I'm working on all sorts of other fun things! Me and my husband Dave are writing a shoujo manga X-men series that will debut in March, and I'll have more news about my next book project very soon. You can always watch my regular journal at goraina or my website for non-BSC updates!

Thanks again, everyone!


I'm done inking the fourth and final BSC Graphic Novel, Claudia and Mean Janine! There are a few more weeks of production work to do, but for the most's over!

Click the picture above to go to my Flickr page--the photo has notes to describe what's what, what each tool is used for, and so on.